Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A First Time For Everything..

Okay.. SO - let me start off this one with a disclaimer: I don't do ballgowns. I know SO many of you ladies love prancing around in ornate, puffy skirted creations, but it's just never been my thing. Really. I admire the people that can carry them off, but have never felt I could, and my tomboy nature would rebel against it anyways, I've always suspected. Especially as I'm a smaller avi - the gowns tend to drown me and often you can't mod the size. THAT said - when I saw these gowns dropped in my inventory, I was apprehensive, but game. After much giggling by my friends, I opened the first dress, called "Heart Breaker" - this one here -

I had my best friend OP with me for moral support as it rezzed.. and once I shortened the skirt, we were both stunned to realise "hey this is pretty COOL!". There were no flouncy bits anywhere, no yards and yards of tulle to make Scarlett puke.. Just dense luxurious velvety blue colour, and a myriad of fun little details like the daggers piercing the cold blue hearts on the gown hem and repeated on the corset. I also realised that I could use pieces of this with other outfits. Which, gown novice that I am, I think is really rare. To me? This one screamed Lady Macbeth..

My initial success made me eager to try on the next - called "Cold Baby Blue"... And while this one is not remotely my style, it brought to mind all the old musicals I love to watch, think "White Christmas" with Bing escorting this elegant woman around the stage as they sing, then ripping up the boards with her moves.

Notice the fluffy feathery trim.. it's quite lovely!

I've saved my favourite dress for last - the "Bleeding Heart". I can't say enough how much I love this one - between the hand drawn pleats and ruching in the corset and camisole, and the silky long ribbons trailing down my arms, not mention the wicked broken hearts pattern scattered asymmetrically around the hemline, I think I may almost be a convert. Well, that's going too far - I will make an exception to the no ballgowns rule for this special case. (and a secret? I had on my engineer boots from edge grafica and over the knee tube socks the whole time.. *sings "I just gotta be meeeeee"*)

I won't say much more about this so you can admire the gorgy dress.. but at the end of my post I'll tell you how to go about snapping up one of these lovelies for FREE. Yes I said it - FREE. I took the bulk of these pictures at the Magic Of Oz sim, because it is too lovely in any season not to visit, not to mention the wide range of top notch labels that have shops here. The first three, however, were shot @ DollyRock, which is a romantic must visit for all you Valentines couples out there.

Taking the broken hearted lover's leap...

Here's the goodness - these are available through February only, at the special camping sewing machines at Inara's Fantasy (
It's basically a camp chair set up so you "sew" your own creation. Now get to the getting!

OH! and here's some other information I think would be good to know, as posted in the accompanying notecard:

Gowns are between 100L$ and 800L$
Silks are 500L$
Uniforms sets are 300L$
Uniform pieces are between 75L$ and 150L$

At the back of the main section, you'll find a Sale wall where you can find silks for 1L$ or 250L$, 3 dresses at 1L$ and 1 at a 100L$. More may be added in the future.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I'm wearing the new February group gift hair from Exile. I am so in love with this hair - you'll be seeing it in my next blog as well.


  1. "a myriad of fun little details like the daggers piercing the cold blue hearts on the gown hem and repeated on the corset."- No big mystery there in that this piece immediately caught my eye. I'm very addicted to seeing that hair on you as well, it's quite fetching. Toss a stick across the yard, I'm sure to chase it.

  2. You and your blue addiction! *grin* I think the first dress is just SO dramatic.. I was running around DollyRock crying "Out out damn spot!". If I had thought ahead further I would have put my bloody gloves on and a hand wringing gesture too boot...