Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Backlog ^-^

Today is going to be another grab bag of stuffs - mostly cos I've got to get these out of the way for a new (really awesome) post I'm working on next. This is a whole mishmush of styles, and obsessions, and fun times that all 6 of you who read my blog have come to expect. I'll break it into parts to give it a little bit of order:

1) A Continuation Of My Current Uncle Wiggily Infatuation

I'll keep my words short - as I think I've pointed out how much I love Esme's work. I've been wearing variations of the same theme for over a solid week now: Uncle Wiggily skirt, Uncle Wiggily shirt, with some kind of sweater or jacket, cute socks and my edge grafica engineer boots (0L - 15 min camping). Add to the mix the Uncle Wiggily patchwork antlers, and voila! That's what I've looked like all week. The only word I can find for it is "whimsical" or maybe just "me".

I'm wearing hair from bOOn (0L), Uncle Wiggily patchwork antlers (1L), Uncle Wiggily Gloaming Shadows skirt (1L -gloaming is my fave time of day/word so this is aces with me), She Swallows cardie by Sn@tch (200L for a giant fat pack on every layer), tank from Sisters (1L), stockings previously blogged, skin is lessthan3's Vain Inc Hunt giftie, and the usual boots. My necklace is a SECRET (forthcoming post I swear!). Pics @ Balderdash in Oubliette

Next up, I'm in Uncle Wiggily Indian Paisley skirt (1L for set of 5), Wiggily Hedgehog socks (which you can't see cos i am dumb - 50L for a 6 pk of colours), Ombre Shirt (Wiggily group gift), Spring.. sweater is from Thimbles (95L), hair from lamb (breeze - 300L per 4 colour pack definite investment piece). Pics taken @ HMPD

2. Grid Hunt Capitulation

Next is all about me conceding defeat and doing portions of the gridwide hunts that have plagued us all. I love them, but my only-in-sl-ocd hates me for them. I did not complete them, by any means, merely went to the stores I like. The worst part is? I've forgotten whether these were from the Vain Inc Hunt, or the Greatest Love.. so many stores were in both. (besides, too much pink is like pepto bismol for me - makes me vomitous every time)

I've got on BOOM's hunt gift, Tokeo Plastik's hunt gift corset underneath, with Gypsy Soul's Betrayed Heart gift scarf, Sh*t Happens zebra jeans dollarbie, lessthan3's vain Inc gift skin, CaLLie cLine's happy girl gift flats (she had pink ones submitted for whichever hunt gift this one wasn't), and Exile group hair gift, and my usual Aitui Armtubes. Pics taken at Uncle Wiggily's, Dilly Dolls, and the Vinyl Cafe, respectively.

Below is a Sanu group giftie Salmon Love Sushi! It does the hitting on of others for you!! Just clickety-click and whammo - SL date! (0L but I think it's available to buy for 50L)

3) Jennie The Typo Killer In Wonderland

This is me wandering around BlueBlood's sim - psychedelia at it most wonderfulness. I've got on OMFG's Pencil O' Doom (1L - fully scripted for damage!!!! muahahahahahaha), and OMFG's goggles (1L), tattered shirt from Sn@tch's Gun Bunny outfit (lucky chair gift), Fishy Strawberry's Butcher cargos (Halloween lucky chair gift - complete with noob fingies in the pockets), the ubiquitous edge grafica boots, Sprawl gloves (I forget how much I paid, but I wanna say 50L or so?), T. King's steampunk watch (part of a really expensive set, bought as a gift for a friend a couple years back, before I realised it was no trans, and also that I didn't much like the person I was buying it for anyhoo XD)and my gorgeous bruised skin is from lessthan3's Ghostbuster Gridwide Hunt gift.

My friend Meta popped in while I was exploring to burn his retinas out (really - this sim, at midnight, in Ultra graphics, is bright like WHOA). Here he is playing Mad Hatter at tea..

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