Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi, My Name Is JW..

and I'm an addict..

I think everyone who knows me at this point has noticed my slight infatuation with bunnehs. You know, the big kind you can sit on and cuddle (*coughs* scroll down in my blog for the exact moment my addiction solidified) Whenever I'm feeling lonely, or in need of a hug, and noone is around to appease the ache, I go and find one of these, and always feel better. HMPD is the creator of most of these awesome, eye-blinky, nose and ear twitchy BFFs, but there is also a sweet little calico patchy huggy version of unknown origin I've seen about and love equally. I've decided that my next few blogs will feature these wherever I find them on the grid - mostly cos I am of the Traveller family and own no land of my own (though I lust for a sweet little vardo somewhere like Hya once had on ~silentsparrow~ back in the day).

My first installment will be from Sanu's new home in Scribble - where I finished maybe the most fun, magical hunt I've ever done in SL. The gifts were mindbogglingly stupendous, and while I didn't take any shots of the actual gifts (cos A) I'm stupey and forgot to before I logged and B) everyone else and their sister blogged about them already so it's not like I'd be breaking any new ground there.) I DID take some that show just a touch of the beauty that is Sanu's new home.

This first shot is what I first saw when I tp'd into Scribble - Radio had changed her colour scheme for Valentine's day! The contrasting colours are just so striking. She is an artiist I admire greatly. (NOTE: I will be doing a Scribble product entry soon, cos I've been long amiss in my showing the incredible gifts she gives to her peeps). Hullo Valen-ghostie!

I then headed over to Sanu and gasped at how pretty her new store is! While getting sucked into the whimsy that is Sanura's hunts, I couldn't help but play on all the neat things she has around, including bunnehs!!

My hunt outfit consists of Rock Candy's Bambi hair (100L for a 6 colour pack), Thimbles' Henry Hybrid plaid shirt (20L for two versions, but only for a short time), Bingo's starry leggings (0L 5 pack), socks from Sn@tch's F'n Colourchange Leggings (lucky chair gift), flats from Kookie's (45L V-Day special.. so sweet!), and denim cutoffs from Project Kiwi (20L).

Waiting for Sanu's Lucky Chair..

Look at the ingenious way Sanura links in all the important information.. *le sighs over the storybook romance of it all*

Exhausted by all the hunts (and the ginormous mochalattecino caffeine crash) I take a much needed snooze on the soft paws of my friend here.. Right next to Sanu's gift in the Greatest Love hunt oddly enough ^-^

Where to get stuffs:

Sanu @ Scribble: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Scribble/220/43/21
Thimbles: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Floyd/39/148/23
Kookie: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cupcake/156/55/36
Rock Candy: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Phoenix%20Unlimited/240/138/22
Sn@tch: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pulse/172/221/29
(I lost the lm for Bingo - anybody have?)


  1. I couldn't help but cringe when I considered the shark like teeth hidden in the mouth of that last fuzzy one you decided to sleep on. Quite a provocative pose on the 2nd snap, you can run the ball on what is necessarily provoked.

  2. o.O there's.. teeth??!
    surely not *i say to myself reassuringly*