Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Gypsy Soul Day

Today I had a mini shopping trip over at Gypsy Soul, fueled by the notice of her outfit Trio being marked 50% off til the end of the week. So, this blog isn't about free stuff entirely, but these outfits are well worth the money you spend, as you can mix and match and blend with endless other outfits. While I was there, I snapped up Bittersweet, which I'd been eyeing since I saw it on her blog, and also found Daisy, a new creation. Cackling over my goodies, I skittered out into the wide wide world of SL to go play. Regrettably I was by my lonesome, as everyone else was working. Pffft.

The first outfit I put on was Daisy (300L).. I love Solitude's skillful hand at soft wrinkles and texturing. There is a ruffle that comes with this outfit that is too cute, but I wanted to pair it with my *en svale denim jacket (280L), and then I forgot to put it on when I took the close up shots. I'm lame *rolls eyes*. The first two shots were taken outside of Rebel X's mainstore and the other two were while I was playing in the sunflower garden @ Starlust.

I'm also wearing Truth's Rachel hair, part of the 50L sale which I believe is still ongoing, and caLLie cLine group gift flats again, because they just compliment Sol's colours so sweetly..

Look at the pretty daisies trailing up my torso..

After a quick change, a jaunt across the Starlust/Horst sims, and popping over to the new, nearly opened Free*Style mainstore, I needed to take a small break while wearing Trio (160L til week's end).. I think you readers have noticed my addictions to layers by now, and this feeds that itch nicely.

You'll notice the scarf is similar to her holiday group gift, with my favourite poofy tassels. I'm still wearing the flats, but the hair is now = Hal*Hina ='s contibution to Energy Green Island's AMAZING (and eco-educational) prize camping trail. I modded it slightly to add strands of chocolate here and there.. After being rejuventated by a hot cuppa, I paused on Marlys' porch.

There are details all over this outfit - the soft waffle texture to the thermal undershirt, the scattered bustline polkadots, AND, the thing that I just love - the pockets!!! Look at how cute they are (warning: gratuitous butt shot, but really.. it's in the interest of sharing)

Next I slipped into Bittersweet (300L) - and I knew just what hair I needed. Velvet by Philotic Energy (199L). It's crazy and fun and has the graphic pop the outfit itself displays. So after a quick stop to snap up this style, I skipped over to Festivale for a moment and got shackled to a knife throwers wheel. Damned clowns..

As soon as I could get the heck out of there I went to a derelict house in ~silent sparrow~. I love the soft warmth of the sweater, so it made being in the snow was a must.

Look how awesome the cords are! I love that she gave socks, and always includes a layer option to have either tucked in or out cuffs.

This look is all about textures and the visual. It might take awhile for me to take this one off..

So there you go - "the many sides of me". Well, at least just a couple of them, and just today's. Sybil ain't got nuthin' on me!

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  1. "Look at the pretty daisies trailing up my torso.."

    You really must stop.

    But you looked so forlorn in the shot below that I immediately made a left turn from Gutter Town.

    The last outfit had some nice accessorizing, particularly the hair choice really served to accentuate the entire ensemble to a good overall effect.

    Good Show.