Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sim Restart Randomnesssss

So I fully intended to blog about inventory sorting tips etc. While I was at my favourite sandbox/dressing rooms, trying on items and getting ready to take screenshots of my inventory system for y'all, the sim owner announced she was about to restart - well I had 30 secs to get the heck outta there, so I just kept on what I was wearing, and tp'd to another favourite dressing room - only to have the same thing happen just as I landed. I then spent the next five minutes hopping from sim to sim attempting to avoid the rolling restart. Finally I was able to breathe, and actually look at what I was wearing. It was quirky, and seemed a weird mashup at first, but then it started to really grow on me, and I loved it! I kept it on for the rest of the day, and visited more than a few sims, and even hung out with my chica CC, and then my best friend while he was working on a project. Sometimes the best outfits do just happen by mistake! Onto the loverliness!!

In this outfit, I am wearing a new group gift given out by *Thimbles*, and also to the Starlust group. I am so fond of this babydoll tunic! So many amazing details I'll display as I go. I love this label's work, and have a folder full of favourite things that are all from *Thimbles*

I also have on Sh*t Happens Zebra print jeans. Now I've spoken of this label before, and this won't be the last time, by any means. These jeans are a dollarbie given out at her new mainstore in Horst (part of the Starlust collection of sims and the location of most of these pics). She has a bunch of other dollarbies there as well, and says she will be giving an exclusive dollarbie out with each new release she puts out. This is a label to patronise for both their gifts and their regular, fairly priced items. I know that her clothing and accessories tend to find their way into nearly every outfit I wear.

Look at the detailing on both of these pieces! The tunic's flexi ribbon ties and peekaboo back are just so flirty and simple, as are the pretty cap sleeves. And as always, I love Sh*t Happens jeans. ALl hand drawn, with subtle detailing, and a cut that just looks so, well me!

Not to say "Hey! Look at my butt" but hey, look at my butt!

With this I am wearing the "Attention wh0re" crown freebie from *amplify and a hair gift that I got at the Creator's Pavilion Winter Sale from *mikan, as well as earrings from the ETD 30L sale, Aitui Arm Tubes in Shadow, and gloves from somewhere in my travels. I tried to check the creator, but apparently whatever label I got them from no longer exists LOL. All in all this entire outfit cost 81L as my eyes, which I never change, are from Pulse's new line called Avanti and were on sale for 50L (My tattoos are from moloko and I don't consider them a purchase as they were a gift ^-^).

Now onto pics from my excursions!

Outside !Rebel Xtravaganza!'s mainstore in Osaka

Being a build groupie @ my friend's project site ^-^

And finally hanging out @ DillyDolls in their camping.. um booth? For a set of soooo cute skirts!

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