Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wren's Day @ ~silent sparrow~..

Hiho all ^-^ This post is about the day I spent in Hya's newly redone sim - it's chock full of wintery loverliness, and constantly has new little surprises and secret corners.. Silent Sparrow and Calico Ingmann have always had the most incredible sim, and this does not disappoint. AND if you happen to be a current member of the group, Hya sent out a birthday/happy winter gift to all her twittery birds. Decidedly Hobbit-like of Hya, to give gifts on her birthday!

I started out the day just exploring in this not quite ready for the outdoors outfit.. The beautiful tunic is a lucky chair gift from Rahz, with leggings from Random, and my favourite argyles in black from Sn@tch. The hair is a gift given to DejaVu's group, which was originally a two-tone blonde, that I tinted the perfect brunette.

JW's Tips For SL Beauty No. 2: Learn how to alter your clothing. The edit option is your friend! In this case, I stood on a pose stand (very important to make sure you do not shift around during the fitting/recolouring process), and right-click Edit on the hair. I chose the texture option. Mind, many designers block this option, which is well within their right to do so, but if they allow this option? USE IT!! on the lower section of the edit window you will see 2 options, texture and colour. DO NOT touch the texture option as this will screw up your hair irrevocably. Click on the tint box and a colour menu will pop up. Simply choose the tint and saturation point you wish to use with the sliders, hit select and voila, instantly customised hair! This works for jewelry, and shoes, and any prim attachment with the proper permissions. Wrenling actually mentioned in her post about how she tints her sparrow earrings to match her outfits. This is my secret way to look different from everyone else using the same pool of freebs *grin*

After a bit of preening, and flouncing around the sim, I skived off to a sandbox to open our gifties and try on the silent sparrow marvelousness. There are two basic outfits inside, one for girls and one for boys - or girls ^-^. I adooooore both of these! I'm modelling the Ryou suit here, girlified. It is Wren's *heehee* suit version of the Suzme birdie outfit *le pant, le sigh*

Enough with the talky-talky... on with the pictures!! (Look at her amazing details - she just makes me squeeeeee with joy)

You've noticed the sweet little candy heart in my mouth by now.. It says "Eat Me" and is one of a gazillion group gifts from Sanura. Trust me... this is a group to be in! And definitely a jewelry designer to spend your lindens on. She prices her astoundingly small-primmed lovelies so fairly, that you will leave her shop with bags loaded! I've never been one for the whole food fad thing that is sweeping through SL, but this was so dainty, and a little saucy, it was irresistible!

My next post will be all about the best inventory sorting tips I can provide... And I'll be starting a series of blogs covering SL fashion for you boyos!

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