Monday, December 29, 2008

Gypsy Soul <3

This outfit was actually inspired by the free puerty hair from Eat Rice! and the christmas gift from Gypsy Soul. The first picture was taken at one of my favourite builds - Jabberwocky - sort of a dark Alice in Wonderland on Brown Acid type sim. SO fun.. I'm chillin in Alice's room.. she's um.. a bit unhinged... The rest were taken @ Starlust. Schadenfreude's and ~silentsparrow~'s stores specifcally. This is such a crazy, fun, and crazy collection of sims! ALSO, the Starlust's group is one of the most fun to belong to, as there are always secret sales, free gifts and spontaneous group humpies.. Okay maybe I exaggerate over the last bit. *ponders* perhaps not..

The hair is a bit different for me, as I tend to go with hairstyle that I would wear irl - and I have long hair. I just couldn't resist the fluffiness of it, or the tiny details like a pretty clip and a tiny braid on the left side.. I'm a sucker for detail lol and.. I must admit to considering getting this as my next haircut. Yes. Really. Maybe not the bangs though. ^-~ I just love Eat Rice! for their cutting edge hair and clothing. (psst they have a subscribooooo)

NEXT I have on ~Gypsy Soul~ - this is a designer whose outfits I almost always wear together and just accessorise. She designs beautiful handdrawn details, and the look is so ME, it's nearly frightening. She also has a subscribo, and gives so many options in every reasonably priced outfit, that I know my little ~Gypsy Soul~ file will grow exponentially. I *think* this stocking gift is available until the 31st at both of her locations, so snap it up with a quickness. It has leggings, sweater, halter and glitch pants on just about every layer!
Now let us take a moment to squeeee over the gorgy muffler included (I thought the fluffy poms were another nod to my hair *grin*)

I added these wicked gloves from Sprawl (formerly Pushbutton Industries). Look at the detail! All of Pushbutton's items are fun, edgy and so well made, it's hard not to gorge myself on her store. She also has a subscribo group - seems to be the theme today. lol

I've got my UBU kicks on still, but this time I changed the outer fabric colour to olive, and all the stitching to brown to mix it up, as well as socks I wore previously. Leggings with socks over is kinda my thing lately I guess!

Now for a few pics I took just cos they were too fun to resist!!!!

(yes that reads "I don't want to be among mad people" but in SL those are the most fun!! *ahem* within reason)

(Just hanging out @ the elephant)

(being a twittery bird @ ~silentsparrow~'s new birdhouse! <3 <3)

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