Sunday, December 28, 2008


This'll be a relatively short one, methinkst. I hope at any rate. *sigh* I talk too much.

Today's look was inspired by two things - 1) i wanted to be COMFY. I wanted to feel all warm and cuddly and cute, but also to feel just like I am irl - schlepping around in a hoodie and leggings, And 2) I was missing me some Rhode Island sumfin FIERCE. Weird to miss such a little place, yes, but there are times when Vancouver just seems so very very big, and very very foreign.

Right now I'm in a lucky chair mood, so while hanging out @ Sn@tch, I thought I'd blog my pics from earlier. (except for the first one - which is moodily lit to match my mellow mood at Sn@tch lol) I took them at one of my favourite places - HappyMood. It's so lovely and comforting here, with many incredible things I slaver over (ooh unintentional SL pun!). They have a wonderful lucky chair gift of these sooo adorable bubble chairs. Each one had a different sit pose, and I love them all to bits.

I am wearing a Brown U hoodie made by Roark Nitely of Clubhouse. He is very precise, and makes authentic collegiate and sports themed clothing of all types. If you don't see your particular favourite on his walls, then drop him a notecard, and he'll be happy to consult with you to create the one you're looking for. I absolutely love his attention to detail, including the perfect shading on the sleeves, the perfect hoodie front pocket, and the eyelets on the hood itself (it attaches to the spine, which I find useful so I can wear my necklace with no rearranging of prims!! Happy day!!)Here's a lil more detail:

With it, I am wearing my favourite shorts by Little Fish, given out as a freeb at her old shop. I slipped some brown leggings under them from Sh*t Happens - which was my first SL label ever to obsess over, and I have never been happier now that Ana's reopened it. They were part of a fat pack freeb provided at her new location. Please join her group and patronize her store. She is more than worthy of a precious spot in your 25 group limit, though I believe she also has a subscribo group if you just can't bear to part with a group.

I also have on these awesomely wonderful "Goodgirl Argyle" socks by Sn@tch. Ivey is another one of my favourite designers of all time, and she makes clothing at such a reasonable price, along with giving so many amazing creations for free to her subscribo group and to her customers in the way of lucky chairs, hunts, and just in the sheer amount of product you get with every purchase. She is a must visit for any and all, as her clothing runs the gamut from gothic to casual, to punky etc.

On my feets you'll notice I've got kicks of supreme coolness. these are an incredibly big splurge - but not really when you consider that they are touch scripted to change SO many options! They are by Urban Bomb Unit - and have scripted colour change EVERYTHING, as well as touch change to fold them down or tie them high. The fabrics come in so many colours, you are guaranteed to find a look that matches virtually any outfit. I adore these.

I'd love to give a good tip today, but my brain is fried frijoles. I think a may have given one somehwere amongst all those words but *holds forehead* I can't be faffed to suss it out...

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