Friday, December 26, 2008

Firstly Firstness!!!

Okay so this is my *cough* virgin blogpost - please be kind.

I've long been one to mix and match and pull apart outfits I've found all around SL - I call them fashion mashups. I believe it's how someone shows individuality in a ginormous SLuniverse, where, let's face it girls, we all end up going to certain designers all the time. I also happen to think that it is possible to look pretty great with a discerning mix of freebies, bargains and a few thought out deep investments. I've often found myself taking people on whirlwind shopping trips to help them pick out outfits that suit the person they are, or want to be that particular day. After being approached by different people about outfits I'd created, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at blogging about my closet regurge and offer some tips on how to organize your inventory, the fastest way to de-noob, and other assorted fashion swoons I currently am entertaining. Plus, I'm HORRIBLY addicted to taking pictures, and have gotten better at snapping shots, so I feel comfortable to share them with you all (that's saying there will be a you all to look at them!)

Phew! Holy wordiness Batman! Onto the first fashion post

Okay this outfit was inspired by the Christmas free gift from Little Fish - it was still available when I posted this, but who knows for how long. I loved the look of the sweater/short set. but as Vancouver is coated in a thick layer of snow, the thought of wearing shorts and a halter horrified me. Plus, I'm just not hooch (not that there's anything wrong with that *grin*)

I decided I needed another layer, and monochromatic warmth just seemed to fit with the colours outside my window. I grabbed up the Rebel X Winterproof Sweater that was given out as a candy cane hunt gift @ the Magic of Oz sim. (If you haven't gone yet, please do check it out - one of the most incredible builds that I truly love - a treasure of SL) I didn't add the bottom piece of the sweater because I wanted it to have a sleek, snowbunny profile.

Then my legs looked terribly nakey - so i remembered the metallic leggings so generously given out in the League subscribo (and also @ the Crush Row Stocking giveaway) so i slipped those on under the socks that came with the Little Fish outfit.

Next are, of course the BOOTS!! I have been wearing these since they were given out at the beginning of December. They were a generous gift from J's, and the gorgeous texture, detailing and expert fit have me camming myself at random moments. Ah slvanity!

Finally I have the gorgeous hair from ETD's 30L sale - which at the time of this posting was still going strong. It's called Laine, and with a colour change scripted headwrap, this hair is so incredibly versatile that the 30L feels almost too generous a markdown. Note I said almost! Momma didn't raise no fools *grin* I accented it with these gorgy earring from {JUNK} that were part of the POE hunt. I change the colour of the center stone often to match my outfits, and added a bit of patina to the overall earring because I'm just not a shiny gold girl.

And that, Dear Readers, is the whole enchilada. I named this outfit "Lil Fish Snowbunny".

As the first tip I have to give you on how to keep your bulging inventory organised, I offer the following advice:

JW's Organisational Tip No.1 - Make folders of your favourite outfits and file them under "Clothing", subfolder "Full Outfits" (or some such). Go into edit appearance then click "Make Outfit". Check any pieces of the outfits you want to keep all together (ie. skin, shape, hair, eyes, etc etc) then name it something memorable and click save. This will allow you to easily wear outfits you love with a simple dragging of that outfit file from your inventory and dropping it onto your person.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this! And no I've not included the Slurls for the places, cos frankly, I've not figured that bit out yet. Please drop me a notecard or say hi if I'm online if you need help finding anything I ever talk about, or help with colour change or editing prims etc. I'll do my best to help where I can.

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