Friday, December 26, 2008

Guest Poster : Wrenling Windlow

(From time to time I'll drag in friends to talk about their looks, and any advice they might have to offer. I wasn't sure I would be posting a guest so quickly, but my faeling friend Wren's look was just so perfectly wintry, I couldn't resist - JW)

When JW snagged me to write for her, I had to giggle, as it was just a further extension of her intervention-worthy addiction to SL fashion. I'm not one to talk, as we both carry around a list of good places for new people, as well as a folder of goodies to get them started off right.

I took these shots at the Magic of Oz sim - appropriate not just for the gorgeous wintery sim, but also because I'm showing ~silentsparrow~'s submission to the Candy Cane Frolic. I know that ~silentsparrow~ is one of JW's favourites as well as my own. Hya is know for her extreme generosity to her group members, and her attention to the breathtakingly detailed headspinningly multi-layered confections you just can't even call something as ordinary as "clothes". Not to mention she throws a wicked impromtu sim-crasher! Here's some detail to the outfit she provided (eeek bellybutton!)

I just adore her work - it inspired me to go for a wintry, icy fae look. I am also wearing something that is a musthave purchase for me - my cloven boots by Lazy Places. This particular colour was released only at the ~silentsparrow~ 3000 member bash that Hya threw, and I can't imagine any colour looking better. They come with cute hoof footprints that rezz when you walk, and can be shut off if you don't want to litter, even though they fade quickly. I know they have a few different options in their hoof boots - neko, round hoof etc, as well as multiple colours and designs.

Finally my jewelry is a mishmash of christmas gifts from UnTone (the longer floral silver chain), Violet Voltaire (the shorter jingle bell chain), a pretty bird earring I bought from the Gnubie Store and now can't remember the designer *facepalm* but wear often and tint to match my clothes, and bangles from Eolande's POE hunt (the snowflake bracelet) and bangles by Sn@tch (another supreme favourite of ours that I'm sure you'll see mentioned soon enough). My hair is Magika's POE gift - and comes in many colours. Amazing hair comes from this label! And my cute lil horns? Well, those are from Uncle WIggly - a label that offers artistic, very cheaply priced/free goodies. Something new, and magical is always there every time I visit, and her group is a good one to be in.

My skin is the lucky chair item at {Frick} Skins, and she is a particular favourite of mine. She has such wonderful creations perfect for a little faeling like me, and has so many generous freebs and cheapies that you'll always leave there with a new bulging folder - don't forget to join her subscribo group - which is MY tip.

Join the subscribo groups whenever possible. There's no effect on your group limits and you'll get advance notice of sales, new releases, and very often free stuffs from the designer.

This was fun! Hopefully this blog thing takes off and you'll see my face in here again!

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