Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Robotic <3

So today I went wandering around the Harold sim, taking pics for the Starlust Flckr contest, and I loved my outfit so much I had to blog it! It all revolves around these two gifts from Reek! - the huggable robot from the Feed Your Head hunt, and the little guy sitting on my shoulder (0L group giftie from the 4th of July - still available to subscribo members I believe). Technically it attaches to your head, but I just did a quick prim adjustment. I can't get over their cuteness! Totally adorable...

All the pictures I have taken here were pictures for the contest (2 I used, 2 I decided to put here). I'm all for the two birds with one stone yaddayadda. So, they were taken around the Harold sim, and I had a lot of fun doing them! All of the poses (aside from the last pic - that's my Line AO) are from (pda).

The rest of my outfit consists of *anuenue's Plaid Half Pants (150L prev blogged), Reek's Ouch! bandaids (99L/fatpack), their Batman Belt of awesome (175L prev blogged LOTS) and their Hidden Temple tee (150L/fatpack - I'm wearing the Faded Orange Iguanas - remember the Nick TV gameshow?? heehee). I also have on Wot's Hair 0014 (1L Harold sim Gift), Sh*t Happens kneesocks (purchased loooong ago), kicks from A.Y.Y. (250L- but I see they have a Lucky Board with these in them as well), Skull F'd glasses from Liquid Candy (50L) and I'm wearing Eloh Eliot's Pleiades Skin in Electra (0L at the Gnubie Store).

Tell me this porta-john is not the standard to which all others must aspire? And yet also very nervous-making.

Harold - Anchor City/Area 408 (a lot of these stores are right here, just wander around - others are in the Dogtown or Catty Campground areas just adjacent to here) - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Harold/138/191/23

Gnubie Store (Eloh's skins are on the 3rd floor, but explore this place well, lots here) -

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