Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ahhhh St. Patricks Day! I love this holiday so much. Being a girl from Providence RI, I spent most of my adult St Pat'ses trolling round Prov/Boston getting successively drunker and drunker as the pub crawl continued (and snogging irish boys in cramped pub corners but those stories are staying untold lol). I still do that.. (minus the irish boys *ahem*) but Vancouver doesn't do the day quite as well (as I am spoiled by my East Coast roots. Also ffs no DKM St Pat shows for 6 yrs in a row now *sadface*). I'm prolly gonna do a cpl of posts between today/tom. This song is one of my favourite Flogging Molly songs. You know you wanna bop around all goofy in green! I know I am.

Outfit Deets:

skirt/tank - Mustache - Highwaisted Skirt (0L group gift)
jacket  - [enchanty] Odekake Jacket GROUPGIFT (subscribo)
necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Tiger Dancer Necklace (oL RPH gift)
hairbow - >TRUTH< Kylei Bow (0L no longer avail)
sketchbooks - BP* Sketch book/green17mar/wear (0L group gift)
glasses - DUBOO* Choucream glasses (from a former 50L Fri pack)
tat - DUBOO* owl tattoo [front] (35L w/ many wear options)
boots - Reek - Autumn Boots - Sand (250L/colour)
nailpolish - *Cupcakes - Nails - Green (group gift)
hair - PixelDust Effin Clown Shoes black (very old - no longer avail)
skin - lessthan3 skins Phoebe citrus preview (older group gift)
leggings - idk leopard print leggings grey (store no longer exists)

Shots were taken the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum
This place is incredible. The detail and textures used in the many FLW houses that you can explore is just tremendous. I'll be taking more pictures here, as these don't even begin to show how cool this place is.

Poses are from Free*Style and BP*

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