Monday, March 22, 2010

ocean breathes salty.

For this look, I wanted a song that was haunting and surreal - and Modest Mouse is a band that so often holds both of those qualities. Plus? This song has been stuck in my mind for some days now. What better way to exorcise it than to use it to soundtrack my trip through Putrid's sims? I flitted around so much, wandering aimlessly, that I couldn't tell you which was taken where exactly, but go explore it for yourself. Also, the hair/skin is what inspired this very David Lynch/Helena Bonham Carter look (at least to me lol).

Outfit Deets:

hair - W&Y AGATA Model  05 "Type" A (200L/colour pk)
skin - !Imabee: Pale - Lucy - Lucy Cried All Night / Freckles / (0L group gift)
hat - ::SPLIT PEA:: Lost in the Woods Hat (prev 50L Fri item)
dress - shirohato green forest dress (no longer avail - but this store features adorable, VERY well priced clothing)
shoes - [ATOMIC] Dolled Up - Forest (50% off during green sale)
leggings - DUBOO* leggings laundry day [friday] (part of 100L gift pack [B])
manicure - *Cupcakes - Nails - Green (group gift)
tat - DUBOO*  owl tattoo [front] (prev blogged)

pics taken @ throughout Putrid's sims
all poses from [LAP], Free*Style

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