Friday, March 5, 2010

come back clean.

Song For This Post: James Merrifield - Come Back Clean Remix (Crystal Method/Emily Haines)

Just a quick one before bed to offset the last melancholy one.. Hot tea and meds have kicked in so I'm a bit cheerier. This is such a great remix of what is already an amazing Crystal Method/Emily Haines collab. Enjoy!

Outfit Deets:

hair/whiskers - ++AY.LinE++ Cat Hair/Whiskers (0L CBH gift)
top - ::Happy Finds:: Feather Shirt (0L prev group gift)
skirt - ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Feel Lace Highwaisted Skirt (prev 0L gift)
leggings - !OhMai: Red Packet Hunt Tights (0L RPH gift)
skin - Sanu Harvest Flame Skin (0L prev group gift)
boots - M'z Lace up boots (0L lucky chair gift)
necklace - TOSL *Glazed Pottery Necklace*  (prev hunt gift)
barrette - ~Scribble~ Ladybug Barette - (0L lucky board gift)
tat - [Plastik]-FreebTat-Rindi (0L from Halloween gift pk)

pics taken @ Happy Finds Mainstore
all poses from [LAP]

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