Monday, March 15, 2010

sheep go to heaven.

Okay so originally when I put together this outfit, I had a much sweeter song planned, but yanno... life happened. And so now I am peeved and in need of angry fun. Does that makes sense? Lol... Anyhooples, I have had this DP* yumyum CSR giftie for awhile and figured I would finally use it! And I wound up with a mishmashed combo of something TOO freaking cute. 

Outfit Deets:

hair - [red Queen] Angst~PLATINUM/BLONDE (oL prev group gift)
sheep avi - dp*yumyum (prev CSR gift)
top - Demina Designs Irish T (1L instore gift)
skirt - oyakin* fril-miniskirt used*flower (0L CHH gift)
jacket  - BENI* -Tweed Jacket  (1L instore gift/comes with cute shorts!)
flats - [Tou Fromc*] uw17_L (10L gacha prize)
necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Tiger Dancer Necklace (oL RPH gift)
hairbow - ::Happy Finds:: Written Bow (0L prev group gift)

pics taken @ eeka's home and a place I forgot to get an lm for >.<
all poses from LAP, BP* and maybe others I've forgotten now lol
(I apologise for the loserrific post y'all)


  1. goats, go to hell! <3 you as a cutey sheepey. i find we are significantly musically compatible according to our bloggings.

  2. yuss!! your music choices have always given me major smiles... quintuple <3 thingums