Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Song For This Post: Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Happy

God I love this song.. Ironic, yes. BUT this song does just that to me - makes me happy. As we speak I am dancing in place listening to this. Join me? 
Also - this post heralds in a new age of my crappery photos. I AM LEARNING HOW TO POSTPROCESS! I'm using paint.net cause it's free, and I'm really liking it. Quality program, for sure. I've just done some general softening etc, but am slowly edging my way into layers and brushes. Yay me!

Outfit Deets:

hair - W&Y AGATA Model  05 "Type" A (prev blogged)
headpiece - .+*AA*+. Chinise headpiece *pink (0L RPH item)
dress - {BOUTIQUE} Antique Yellow Lace Dress - skirt used (50L)
sweater - !Ohmai : Granny Made It ELEGANTENVY (100L/colour)
skin - !Imabee Pale - Vivian - Vivan Ate My Golden Watch /Freckles / (0L group gift)
top - (PixelDolls) Wrinkle Tank: Floral Print (no longer avail very old)
boots - [ hoorenbeek ] Cowgirl Boots - Brown (Freebie Version) (no longer avail)
leggings - MichaMi: Pia Leggings in Green (0L prev blogged)
fingertape - SiniStyle (25L)
tat - DUBOO*  owl tattoo [front] (prev blogged)

pics taken @ embryo
all poses from [LAP]

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